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2018-9-6 08:18| 发布者: admin| 查看: 495| 评论: 0|来自: Empyrion

摘要: We just released the experimental version of Alpha 8.6. Let us know what you think and please report any issues here:
Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We just released the experimental version of Alpha 8.6.

Let us know what you think and please report any issues here:


CHANGELOG: Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 8.6.0 (Build 1867)

New Swamp Planet:

- Added new temperate swamp planet: it can be found in the Random Default scenario and in the Akua-Omicron scenario as Roggery planet
- The new planet includes more than 20 new POIs and several new terrain stamps (thanks to binhthuy71, rainyday, Ramachandra, jmcburn, jrandall, Needleship for their POIs). 2 biomes on this planet were inspired by Vexray's creations

- Added retractable turrets for Bases and Hover Vessels
- Added Base Turrets in groups (similar to CV)
- Added retractable versions for alien sentry guns
- Added wall version for human sentry gun
- Added retractable version for all human sentry guns (and put into block group)
- Added Prefab Stock Tier0 HV

- Survival Tool does not consume Stamina anymore
- Increased rotation speed of all sentry guns
- Limiting camera third person zoom to 300 meter

- Re-added weapon name to right-bottom HUD
- Allow to select Structure type (BA, SV, CV, HV) and Object type for more menus (similar behavior as with Constructor): BP Menu (F2) and Creative Menu
- Added tooltips to N Building Menu (Build Settings Window)
- Updated preview icons for Plastic (darker to better distinguish from other blocks)

- Added new static image when using Warp Jump (instead of white screen)
- Re-added parallax high setting

Planet Update:
- Updated Arid planet: Added Epsilon Main Radar Complex + Auxiliaries
- Added new POI: Xenu Fuel Storage (by fractalite): group name "XenuMain"

- Re-balanced NPC spawning on Temperate Starter planets (less spiders during night, more diversity in spawning)
- Re-balanced temperate starter (Default Scenario): starter POIs are now a bit closer to starter biome (ca 150m)

- Enhanced Deconstructor to deconstruct group block's children
- Furnace no longer shows construction queue (not needed since furnace does step-by-step auto-crafting)
- Non-retractable turrets occupy now 1 block space less in y direction
- Added console command ("unlockdevices", "ud") for unlocking all devices
- Added console command ("calcunlockpoints", "cup") that calculates how many unlock points are needed to unlock everything in all tech trees
- TurretTemplate is now exported to Config.ecf
- Reduced night light intensity on desert planet

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Mounted weapons can't reload if some of the other mounted weapons are inactive
- Fixed: Instant reloading for retractable turrets by turning them on and off constantly
- Fixed: Sometimes when returning to docked vessels they can be positioned incorrectly but still docked.
- Fixed: Spawned docked ships don't move anymore if vessel it was docked to is gone
- Fixed: Problem that sold stacks to NPC Trader were not split properly
- Fixed: Coloring with Mirror plane does not work for several blocks (eg Windows, Railing etc)
- Fixed: Item dupe after playfield change (landing to planet)
- Fixed: Solar Panels only show one yellow dot after a few restarts / after a while
- Fixed: Solar panels calculate the sun at the wrong position in some cases
- Fixed: Solar energy production displays wrong numbers in some cases
- Fixed: When the player enters a planet from orbit you see for a split second the terrain close up
- Fixed: Sprinting into a cockpit keeps Stamina draining
- Fixed: Furnace idle/working mode not correct
- Fixed: Revealed sectors not displayed in scroll list in sector map.
- Fixed: Issue with Emissive textures with bloom enabled.
- Fixed: Terrain Placeables could be stacked on top of each other (Tents, Work Lights, Water Generator etc)
- Fixed: Custom new game name is reset after changing difficulty settings.
- Fixed: Slot info missing from Armor info UI.
- Fixed: Internal AI Exception
- Fixed: Page down camera glitch through ground
- Fixed: Several internal exceptions
- Fixed: “EnergyIn” is displayed at bottom for Drill Turret (and all other drills) in Block Info (unlike for other devices)
- Fixed: Upgrade Info in tooltip sometimes showing "null" (instead of "None")






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