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Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 8.5: Anniversary Update - Release Candidate

2018-8-25 19:37| 发布者: admin| 查看: 430| 评论: 0|来自: Empyrion

摘要: Update: August 26, 2018Hi Galactic Survivalists,We just released the Release Candidate 2 for Monday's Anniversary Update. Please check it out and let us know if you find any show stoppers.CHANGELOG: A ...
Update: August 26, 2018 

Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We just released the Release Candidate 2 for Monday's Anniversary Update. Please check it out and let us know if you find any show stoppers.

CHANGELOG: Alpha Experimental 8.5 (Build 1843)

- Added Chapters 2 and 3 to Robinson Protocol
- Renamed Turrets switch to "Turrets & Weapons" and added turrets + mounted vessel weapons to switch
- Added old turret template (hidden) so that A8.2 turrets can be deconstructed
- Added Input Fields to Light Blink Settings
- Added new BA Stock Prefab Tier 7: thanks to CrazyZ
- Tweaked barren planet: reduced grass density
- LCDs: Use always Preset Color Palette and remove “Configure”
- When using multitool on Teleporter block, it now gives back Steel Plates instead of Teleporter block
- Further increased speed of Deconstructor
- Tweaked sound when taking an item (same as when placing it)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: MP Blast damage does not pass to target when shooting from some BA turrets
- Fixed: Problem that turret jumped back to wrong position when leaving with player in MP
- Fixed: Rewired exception that would occur when booting the game with no input save data and a controller connected.
- Fixed: NPC spawner (thin plate) show no alignment before placement (ANOTHER FIX)
- Fixed: CV mounted weapons shoot through blocks
- Fixed: SV guns can be shot through blocks
- Fixed: Blink Frequency is reset when re-opening CP
- Fixed: Problem Color Tool Updating Color when switching between painting different vessels/structures


Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We just released the first Release Candidate for Monday's Anniversary Update. Please check it out and let us know if you find any show stoppers.

1. Please closely read through the changelog below BEFORE starting into the new version!
2. Make sure to start a NEW game in the Experimental version. (This is not a savegame break, but we might change a few things again and thus we recommend to not risk your current public savegame becoming unplayable!)
3. Make sure tor report any bug or issue over here AFTER reading through the 1st post:
4. Please make sure to report feature-specific feedback and questions about new 8.5 features and game mechanics (what you like, what you do not like, what you would want to be improved) in the pinned threads in this forum, so we can collect and review your ideas and suggestions:

Thanks in advance

Empyrion Dev Team


CHANGELOG: Alpha Experimental 8.5 (Build 1841)

Updated Retractable Landing Gears:
- Added retractable landing gears to CVs
- Added retractable functionality to all landinggears (except docking pads)
- Better landing gear behavior on uneven terrain
- Landing gears open/close now synchronously
- Added info if Retractable landing gear to Block Info
- Removed old LandinggearShort from HV allow list, if you still have old BPs please use console cmd: replaceblocks <ID of HV> LandinggearShort DockingPad

Updated Retractable Mounted Weapons:
- All mounted weapons for vessel are now retractable
- Updated box in which mounted vessel weapons retract

Color Palette UI Changes:
- Added button APPLY TO CURRENT button to custom tabs
- Added button to hide Main Panel while changing colors (for better preview)
- Added infobox with handling info
- Add better titles to make clear that you change color of current structure
- Added second preset
- Save Optimization: Only create new palette tabs as needed (with "New" tab button)

- Re-added Robinson start to Arid Planet (removed Wreckage start): the Arid start is now again as in A8.2
- Added detector device for SVs
- Added new turret groups to loot
- Added template for RadiationImmunityShot
- AutominerCore cannot be d-econstructed further
- Renamed RadarVesselT1 into DetectorHVT1 (since it is only useable on HVs)
- Updated textures on more containers
- Adapted speed and sound of mounted weapon animations
- Updated block info for new turrets about retract info and additional armor
- Better 3rd person camera position on all stock prefabs
- Deco Destruction: improved behavior when deco is only damaged
- Added POI "Inferno" to Alien planet (thanks for Fractalite)
- Deco NPC are now distributed to different block groups

- Wings + Modular Wings rebalancing: increased hitpoints and weight
- Epic Armor has now 800 Heat protection

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Texturable thrusters lose their default details when using certain textures
- Fixed: Issue with grey emissive colors or no emissive enabled at all on devices
- Fixed: Difficulty settings change back to Medium preset after changing the seed
- Fixed: Exception triggered sometimes when changing setting on lights.
- Fixed: Light Settings not carrying over in MP when loading old saves (pre 8.5)
- Fixed: Blinking light settings not maintained after loading back into save games
- Fixed: NPC spawner (thin plate) showed no alignment before placement
- Fixed: Custom Color Palette not saved with blueprint
- Fixed: HV's when approaching a structure over water can sink underwater when a structure ahead loads in
- Fixed: Structural integrity visualization texture issue
- Fixed: Exception on New Game and problems to properly refresh when seed changes and other button clicks
- Fixed: Difficulty settings change back to Medium preset after changing the seed when using any other preset or custom settings.
- Fixed: Circuit list lowering down after reopening the Signal logic window
- Fixed: ColorPalette: Some blocks do not take customized color but the previous color (in-session) > real fix with Combiner re-enabled
- Fixed: Several AI behavior exceptions
- Fixed: Top part of the Retractable rocket turret can be seen when loading back into a save game when the turrets are off
- Fixed: Problem that special event container had wrong size
- Fixed: NPC Spawner (thin plates) display the older version of textures
- Fixed: Circuit list remaining positional issues
- Fixed: Label for “Planet” in Vessel view is too small






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